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If you ever go into a dealership to get your car serviced and someone comes to clean your windshield, DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO FIX YOUR CHIPS, THIS IS A SCAM, they claim they will repair your chips at no.cost to you, but this costs your insurance, and raises your rate. Also after they repair your windshield it looks worse, and could possibly crack the whole thing to where you have to replace it, which again charges your insurance, my windshield cracked and the manager terrance hawkins never returned any of my calls, these people are *** artists and I have never been so pissed off in my life. These people are ***, DO NOT BELIEVE TJEM

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Auto glass concepts has a lifetime warranty on all work performed and there service was great!

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My name is Brian House and I am the CEO/Founder of Auto Glass Concepts. The information provided in this complaint is false and very misleading. Auto Glass Concepts is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau and if this is an actual customer, they could have very easily contacted our company to resolve this matter at anytime. Instead, we have been bombarded with companies claiming they can restore our online reputation for a fee. Leading us to believe this post was for the purpose of selling SEO services that we do not want or need.

A Few points that need to be noted: 1) Glass Repair does not typically raise your insurance premium, unless you have had other claims against your policy and it is considered a no fault claim with most insurance companies that does not affect your premium or deductible if Glass is part of your policy. 2) AGC will gladly waive any claim if the customers insurance company is going to raise their premium and the customer has the option to pay for the services, instead of submitting a claim. 3) AGC Warranties all of its repairs for as long as our customers own their vehicle. Therefore, we will repair any faulty repair or replace our customers windshield, in the event the repair we perform fails.

AGC has completed over 100,000 repairs and has maintained an excellent reputation in the industry, because we care about our customers and the dealerships we service.

If this is a legitimate customer and not an attempt to provide a fraudulent report for SEO services, we request that this customer contact AGC and we will be happy to speak with their insurance company and if it is determined that their Glass repair claim has caused an increase in their premium, we will be happy to waive that claim and back it out from their policy. If they are not happy with the repair, they can visit the dealership where they received the service and we will gladly redo the repair.

With that said, if we determine that this is a false accusation against our company or me personally and a malicious attempt to slander or discredit myself or my company and this information is not removed. We will pursue every action available at law to file suit against the party who posted it for slander and damages.


Brian T. House - CEO/Founder

Auto Glass Concepts

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